You Gonna Eat That? Lunchbox & After-School Snack Cookbooks

School starts in just a few days. Are you ready to fill those lunchboxes with brain food? Are you prepared to meet the hungry after-school hordes as they empty off of the school bus?

Have fun with lunch boxes and snacks:

  • Get everyone involved in the planning. Let your children help with making snacks and packing lunchboxes. Maybe they’ll eat more and trade less if they are happy with what they brought to eat.
  • Be a lunch box pen pal. Include an encouraging note or write a riddle on a paper napkin. Corny knock-knock jokes are ALWAYS popular.
  • Use science to impress. Scratch a “secret message” into the peel of a banana with a toothpick in the a.m. and by lunch your child will see the “magical” browning message by lunch–this won’t hurt the banana at all!
  • Start an “Okay Snack Anytime” basket. Fill a basket or drawer in your kitchen with quick after-school snacks that have been pre-approved. Fill the basket with whole fruit, portioned baggies of trail mix, nuts or pretzels.
  • Work for that snack. Keep some hard boiled eggs on hand. Offer an egg with honey mustard dip as snack choice that’s high in protein, but allow your child to peel it. Peeling an egg is a great small motor skill for kids even as young as the preschool set and keeps ‘em busy for awhile, too.

Want more fun in the kitchen? Check out these kid-friendly cookbooks.

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