Spiders & Foxes & Crows, Oh My! Tricksters Tales Delight Readers of All Ages

A trickster is a person, animal or spirit in folktales or mythology who plays tricks, disobeys or otherwise doesn’t follow the rules of his or her society’s conventional behavior. Sometimes the tricks are helpful and explain life’s mysteries and sometimes the tricks backfire on the trickster and we learn why we should follow the rules and play nice, but always the trickster is cunning and often funny!

Children love watching someone break the rules (like they often can’t) and it is empowering to see small, seemingly helpless creatures win their way with their words and their cunning!

Join us this Wednesday August 3 at 10am as magician and storyteller, Rory Rennick presents Anansi’s Magical Tales. Will Anansi the African spider trick you? Read more of Anansi’s adventures here.

For more trickster fun, check out these timeless tales.

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