Parachute Play to Go: Take Home the Fun!

Did you miss today’s Parachute Play 2.0 program?  Don’t worry! You can have parachute fun at home! If you don’t own a parachute, that is ok–a round table cloth will do nicely and a bed sheet will work in a pinch. You’ll need three or four people and a nice open area to play in.

Why play parachute? Parachute play is a nice large motor skill that encourages kids to develop upper and lower body strength with the big motions needed to make the chute raise up or shake. Parachute play also teaches cooperation because everyone playing has to work together to get the rhythm that makes the parachute do cool things.

Try these parachute activities at home:

  • Popcorn: Place a number of beanbags, small balls, or cotton balls onto the parachute. Shake to make them pop up like “popcorn”.
  • Ball Roll: Have the children try to roll a ball to one side of the parachute and then the other–see if you can make the ball go clockwise around the parachute!
  • Making Waves: Children can make small, medium, or large movements to make various types of “waves.”
  • Mushroom: This is a parachute classic! Start with the parachute flat on the ground and then count down 3-2-1 MUSHROOM! When you say Mushroom everyone stands up and lets the parachute float up in the middle like a large mushroom.

For more information on parachute play and more game ideas, visit Child Care Lounge.


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