Happy 189th Birthday Mendel: Books and more about Genetics!

Do you have your Grandma Beth’s wavy hair or your Uncle Murray’s big feet? Do you like music like your dad or are you good at math like your mom? If you are interested in these things and asking questions about them, you are interested in studying genetics!

If you have visited Google today you may have noticed the neat-o pea doodle in honor of Gregor Mendel’s 189th birthday! Celebrate your genetic diversity with these books and websites about genes, DNA and Mr. Mendel.

Here are some great books about genetics to get your quest started and teach you the basics. When you are ready to explore some more, fire up the Internet and visit the American Museum of History’s Ology site, The Gene Scene to make a model of DNA, meet real genetic scientists in the field and learn how long a single strand of your DNA would be if you uncoiled it.

Ok-think you got the basics down? Test what you know by playing this game at PBSkids.org that challenges you to breed puppies for specific characteristics.  Wow–nice way to use those smarts you inherited from your great-great-great-great…well you get the idea….

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