Meet the ARCs!

Did you know that Westerville Public Library has hosted a reading club for 4th and 5th graders ?  The Advance Readers Club (aka ARC) has met monthly since October to talk books–and boy, do they LOVE to talk about books!

But not just any books–books that have not yet been published!   You see, the library receives copies of books known in the ‘book biz’ as “advance readers copies”, or “arcs”.  We make these books available to the members of this club and talk about their impressions of those books at the monthly meetings.  In addition, this club has agreed to review new books from Little, Brown and Company.  They send us enough copies of a certain book and our kids read the book and fill out a form and we send their opinions to an editor at Little, Brown.

Here are some of the books they’ve been reading:

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