Rub a dub dub…

…does your kid love the tub?

When long summer days leave your kiddos grimy and ready for the tub, extend the fun with these fun bath time stories!

Or try these bath time activities:

  • Bath time is a great time for stories! Especially for kids who don’t like to sit still for traditional pre-bed story time.  Your child can listen while playing in the water and you can easily sneak in 20 minutes of reading! Try Take Me Out of the Bathtub and Other Silly Dilly Songs by Alan Katz for funny bath time poems and songs.
  • Have a multi-sensory bath by using small amounts of food color or scents to encourage your child to explore her world. Ask her what she sees and what she smells… the bath is pink? What other things are pink?
  • Recycle old plastic containers into science bath toys by making different sized holes for the water to drain through. Talk to your child about how the big holes allow the water to leave the container faster and then be amazed at how long your child can be entertained by refilling the leaky containers.
  • Help your child learn letter recognition by using soap crayons to practice drawing letters and shapes on the tub wall.  Don’t forget to let your child scrub away the letters–that is half the fun!
  • Check out Disney’s Tub-Time Games & Activities for Toddlers for more ideas.

And don’t forget to be safe in the bathtub! For more information, check out Medline Plus’ Bathtub Safety Tips.

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