Launching Young Readers

We just got a video series that I am SO excited about I can’t wait another minute to share it with you.  Please allow me to introduce Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers.

Each 30 minute episode of this series designed just for parents and  caregivers like you is bursting with useful and accessible information about early literacy and childhood development.  Although they’re incredibly informative, the shows are far from boring — guest hosts like Jaime Lee Curtis, LeVar Burton (you remember Reading Rainbow, right?), and Mr. Rogers keep it entertaining, and tips you can take home and use with your kids right away provide instant gratification.

I can’t really express how much I love this series.  It does such a great job of explaining just how crucial reading, rhyming, and early literacy based activities are to a child’s development and school readiness without being overwhelming or overly technical.

The following clip is a great example.  Did you know that pontential reading difficulties can be discovered literally days after a child is born?  Check out the video to learn more:

Research has shown the earlier we can intervene with children who are having a hard time learning to read, the more effective the interverntion is.  Approximately 90-95% of poor readers can reach average reading skills with early intervention.  But, when intervention is delayed until 9 years of age, 75% of those children will still have reading problems in 12th grade.  Can you imagine what an amazing head start a child would have if pontential reading disorders were discovered this early?

And I love that nursery rhymes are specifically mentioned.  Phonological awareness, or the ability to hear and play with the smaller parts of words, is an essential skill for decoding the written word.  Kids who have a hard time rhyming in Kindergarten tend to have much more difficulty learning to read than those who are proficient rhymers.  So when you recite nursery rhymes to your sleepy newborn or sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider with your active toddler, you’re helping to build a skill that will be crucial to her future reading success!

Check out the videos and if you love them as much as I do, spend some time on the Launching Young Readers website.  It provides complete overviews of each episode, as well as tons of tips and additional resources.  I feel like I need to write these guys a thank you card.

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