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Out of the Box

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Do your kids enjoy playing with the box a present came in as much as the present itself? Make tissue paper hats and jump on the bubble wrap inside packages? Inspired by Antoinette Portis’ Not a Box, children and families explored some of the many things a box can be: a boat, a rocketship, a cave at the Westerville Public Library’s Out of the Box program.

Castle or old west town bank? Or jail? We supplied a variety of boxes of different sizes, cardboard tubes, bubble wrap (great lunar landing surface), paper plates, markers, chalk, and tape. The children applied their imaginations. They explored a snow cave; created sleds, doors, a birdhouse, among other things; decorated the castle; had imaginary battles with light sabers; threw paper snowballs; built a skyscraper; opened an ice cream shop . . . take a look at this video to see some of the highlights!



Speculations and predictions

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

‘Tis the time for best of the year lists, for looking back on 2012 and making predictions on what book might win the coveted Caldecott Medal for the most distinguished American picture book for children. On Saturday, January 26 there will be a Mock Caldecott Discussion featuring some of these books — on the very same weekend that the actual committee will be debating and choosing the winner. We’ll discuss the contenders using the actual Caldecott criteria and process.

What books are we thinking of? Check out the library’s Pinterest Board, Caldecott Contenders 2013.  Staff favorites include:

One Cool Friend, with illustrations by David Small


More, with illustrations by Brian Lies

A Home for Bird, with illustrations by Philip C. Stead

Extra Yarn, Illustrated by Jon Klassen


and we are continuing to add more favorites of the year — so tell us yours!


Exploring at the Library: Glow Sticks and Sensory Fun

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

The library isn’t just books and story times. We also like to encourage curiosity and imagination – these are 2 critical characteristics of life-long learners.
Yesterday we invited kids to come to the library and play – in the dark! With black lights and glow sticks the library was transformed into a shadowy, sensory playground that begged for exploration. Don’t miss our preschool glow party or if you can’t make it it, here is how you can extend the fun at home.

Black Lights:

  • You can purchase a black light for under $20 at most “big box” stores. Mount the light somewhere in you house where you can make the room entirely dark or wait to play at night. Watch the cords and don’t let your child touch the light…safety first!
  • Place a mirror by the black light and let your child look at himself. Teeth look funny and so do white clothes. Here is why. What else fluoresces? Why? Try chalk drawings on black paper or yellow highlighter…wow!
  • Tonic water also fluoresces…you can drink it or replace the water in a Jiggler recipe to make a fluorescent snack!

Glow Sticks:

  • Glow stick are fun at night and last for hours. Be sure to only purchase non-toxic sticks and don’t let children chew on the sticks. How do they work?
  • For daytime glow fun, make a “glow cave” in your house by draping blankets over a table or a couch cushion “fort”. Take in some books and toys and have a fun afternoon playing in your glow cave.
  • Try slipping a lit stick into a balloon before you blow it up and then inflate. Wow–glow in the dark balloon volleyball!
  • If you put a lit glow stick into an empty 2-liter bottle and then fill it up with water, you’ll have a night light or if you have a set of them and a sturdy ball you can try some glow-stick bowling out in your yard!

WHOOOO Goes There? Books and Activities about Night Animals

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Are you curious about night creatures and what they do? We are! Today a naturalist from Sharon Woods Metro Park came and told us about this nocturnal wonders.  If you missed the program, here are some take home books and activities to try on your own! Visit their site to see what other upcoming programs they have to offer.

Try this at home!

  • Make a bat cave: Drape a blanket over the table or use a large cardboard box. Read about the lives of bats in fiction or non-fiction and then pretend to be bats living in the cave you made. What do you eat? How do you sleep?
  • Use your listening ears: Nocturnal animals usually have really good hearing–what can you and your child hear when you close your eyes. Make a list of sounds you hear. You can do this activity night or day, but no peeking!
  • Catch Fireflies: If you can stay up late enough, catch fireflies and watch them as they “talk” to each other. Explain to your child that fireflies should be free, but it is ok to gently catch them and observe them for awhile. Then wave good bye as they fly off back into the night.
  • Go Flashlight Hunting:  Grab a flashlight and explore the nighttime world. Turn over rocks and look closely at tree bark…what creatures do you see? If you are near a pond or stream the flashlight will show neat nocturnal animals just below the surface.
  • Name that Body Part: Read Owl Moon by Jane Yolen and then color your own owl friend.
  • Who do you Hear:Listen to each of these animal recordings and try to guess what nocturnal animal you are hearing.
  • Keep Learning: Read more about Night Creatures!


Wii Need a Break! Tween Gaming Tomorrow!

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Calling all Tweens–ages 8-11! Join us tomorrow, January 27 from 3-5pm for some fun with the Wii gaming system! Bring your friends and your extra controllers and we’ll set up our Wii so that you can play together on the big screen! We’ll meet in the Youth Services Activity Center–hope to see you there!

For more information, visit our calendar!


Books, Computer, ACTION! Book Trailers for Kids

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Book Trailers 101

Book Trailers 101–still accepting registrations!

Join us for a new program that is generating quite a bit of buzz! Kids ages 8-11 are invited to join Miss Robin for Book Trailers 101.

In this program, kids will learn how to make their own book trailer (like a movie trailer, but about a book) in 3 hands-on sessions. We’ll look at different trailers, then make our own using Powerpoint or Animoto and add music too.

Hey kiddos,  bring one or two favorite books that you might like to use for a trailer and we’ll bring the book to life! We will use the internet too so you will need to bring your library card! Space is limited, so register today!

Never seen a book trailer? Watch this one

The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan is almost here!

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Are you as excited to read The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan as we are?

The release date is October 4, 2011 and we can’t wait! Percy Jackson fans have been patient and so have we, but you don’t have to wait to start celebrating!

Join us this Friday, September 30 all day long (or while supplies last) as we celebrate the second book in the Hereoes of Olympus series in the Youth Services Department with activities and crafts.

Make yourself a hero and fight mythological monsters, solve riddles and have fun!

Hope to see you this Friday at the library, but if you can’t make it, be sure to check out some great mythology books and some of Rick Riordan’s other great books.

Arrgh! Join us for Pirate Fun!

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Have ye been wishin’ to join a pirate ship for adventures on the high seas?

Monday is National Talk Like a Pirate Day and we’ll be walkin’ the plank o’ fun all day long!

So grab yer landlubbers and hoist the Jolly Roger and we’ll be seein’ ya at the library!

Singing Summer: Sing-a-long Storytime is a hit!

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Have you been to our Family Summer Sing-a-long? This popular family program is fun for all registration  or skill is required so drop in for some singing fun.

Do you remember singing “Do Your Ears Hang Low”? Can you do the motions? Want a refresher course? Join us in the activity center for a family sing-along! We’ll revisit old favorites and learn some new ones, too! Sing along booklets and guitar included–all we need is you!

Want to take home the fun? Here is one of our favorite action songs with motions you can do with your child at home or in the car–anywhere you are!



Baby Shark – doo doo doo doo         (thumb and pointer finger tap together)

Baby Shark – doo doo doo doo


Brother Shark – doo doo doo doo      (thumb and all 4 fingers tap together)

Brother Shark – doo doo doo doo


Momma Shark – doo doo doo doo     (wrists joined together, clap hands)

Momma Shark -  doo doo doo doo


Daddy Shark – doo doo doo doo       (arms straight out, clap hands)

Daddy Shark – doo doo doo doo


Now we swim – doo doo doo doo     (swimming arms)

Now we swim – doo doo doo doo


Swimming fast – doo doo doo doo    (run in place with faster swimming arms)

Swimming fast – doo doo doo doo


Now we’re safe – doo doo doo doo   (wipe forehead)

Now we’re safe – doo doo doo doo


Take a rest – doo doo doo  doo          (sit down)

Take a rest – doo doo doo doo


On the beach – doo doo doo doo       (lie down and take a nap and snore)

On the beach – doo doo doo doo





Don’t you just love the beach?


Tuesday, April 12th, 2011


Today is APRIL 12 and there is a lot going on at the library! Not only is it Beverly Cleary’s birthday, but it is also D.E.A.R. day! D.E.A.R. stands for Drop Everything And Read and it is a lot of fun! Telling kids to read is great, but it is also important to show kids that you value reading, this helps your child develop print motivation or an interest in reading and an enjoyment of books. We are all busy so when we drop everything and read it sends a message that reading is valuable…so much so that we will drop everything to do it! Read today and make reading a part of your routine everyday!

Come to the library for great books to read aloud and FREE D.E.A.R. stickers! Wear your sticker with pride to show how much reading means to you!