Wii in the Librarii?

Posted on Wednesday 4 June 2008

Yes! The library has installed a Wii gaming system in our Gaming Room (part of our 2007 Media Services expansion project.)

Mario Kart

Find out what all the fun is about. Create a Mii and use the wiimote, nunchucks, or Wii wheel to play MarioKart, Wii Sports, Super Paper Mario, or Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, among others. (A valid library card is required.) People of all ages are welcome to play. You’re never too old to Wii!

Want to find out more about gaming at the library? Read about it here.

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We plan to bug you ALL SUMMER!

Posted on Wednesday 4 June 2008

Now is the time to Catch the Reading Bug and find out what all the buzz is about.

If you’ve never joined the library’s Summer Reading Program, you’ve missed out on some great prizes. This year’s sponsors include Graeter’s Ice Cream, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, Columbus Clippers, and our very own Friends of the Westerville Library, to name a few!

So whether you’re a litter bug, a shutterbug, or a jitterbug, break out of your cocoon and start reading.

(Can’t view the video? Check it out on YouTube.)

Registration begins June 12th. This year you can even sign up and log your progress online! Itching to start reading? Take a look at our teaser page in the meantime.

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Saying Good-Bye to VHS & Hello to the Future

Posted on Tuesday 29 April 2008

There is no doubt that the library’s collection of VHS videotapes has served our community well over the years. But in order to stay true to our motto of “Delivering the Future,” we must look to new technologies and services.


Therefore, on May 15th, we will be saying good-bye to a once-beloved technology. The library’s fiction and non-fiction VHS videos will be removed from circulation and given to the Friends of the Westerville Library to sell for $1 each at their discretion. The juvenile/children’s videotape collection, as well as the small collection of descriptive videos for people with visual disabilities, will remain in circulation.

This decision was made for a number of reasons, including the continued decline in VHS circulation, as well as the need for more shelf space for DVDs and audiobooks. Within the last year, the library’s fiction VHS collection has accounted for only 5% of the total fiction movie circulation. DVDs accounted for 95% of checkouts!

With this change, we look forward to a new chapter in our continued commitment to serving the Westerville community. Please stop by to see how the library is changing to meet your needs!

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Libraries outnumber McDonald’s, and other McFacts…

Posted on Tuesday 15 April 2008

McDonald's logoDid you know that there are more public libraries than McDonald’s in the U.S.—a grand total of 16,549, including branches?

Did you know that Americans spend more than twice as much on salty snacks as they do on public libraries?

And did you know that Americans check out an average of more than seven books a year?

Julie AndrewsLast but not least, did you know that this week is National Library Week? Spread the word: libraries are good! Help us celebrate by coming in for a visit and you’ll see why the Westerville Public Library is the ultimate shopping experience.

And if you’re still not convinced, check out what Julie Andrews (of Mary Poppins fame) has to say about libraries in her very own Public Service Announcement!

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No Need to Come to the Library – We’ll Come to You!

Posted on Monday 10 March 2008

Can’t find the time to come to the library? Don’t want to get out of your pjs? Check out our list of the top 10 things you can do without racking up fines. (Some services only accessible with a valid library card number.)

10. Read along to Diary of a Fly or Pirates Don’t Change Diapers with your kids using Tumblebooks.


9. If you’re a student or educator, have your books delivered to you via Library Link. (You can return them through Library Link, too.)


8. Don’t have time to pick up your tax forms. Why not print them directly from the IRS website? The Ohio Department of Taxation and the City of Westerville websites offer the same service.


7. Just want to know what we’re reading? Check out our staff picks or visit our GoodReads profile.


6. Need to ask a question? Email a librarian using our online form.

5. Join one of our Online Book Clubs. You can get chapters of books automatically emailed to you on a daily basis and discuss your thoughts on their online forum. Titles we’re reading this week include Ignited, Dangerous Doses, and The Scary States of America.


4. Has it been so long that you’ve forgotten what the library looks like? Check out our Flickr account.


3. Need to repair your car? Check out our Auto Repair Reference Center to access repair manuals, recalls, and wiring diagrams for hundreds of makes and models.


2. Don’t subscribe to the Columbus Dispatch? Browse through the latest issues using our online access.


1. Read an eBook, listen to an eAudiobook, listen to some eMusic, or watch an eVideo by checking out titles from the Ohio eBook Project.


Check Out Ohio E-Books Today!

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C-SPAN Campaign 2008 Bus @ your Westerville Public Library

Posted on Wednesday 20 February 2008



What is it? The Campaign 2008 Bus is a 45-foot mobile production studio traveling the nation to promote and enhance C-SPAN’s extensive coverage of the 2008 presidential race. Its mission is to inform voters, empower teachers, and enrich civics education. Visit the C-SPAN bus site for more information.c-span-bus.jpg

When is it coming? Mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 5, 2:30-4:30 p.m

Where is it going to park? Though parking is always tight at the library, the bus will be parked at the back of the Library parking lot.

How does it work? The bus will be open to the public and can accommodate about 12 adults at a time. TV staff will give brief presentations (10-15 minutes depending on whether people are waiting to board the bus).

And don’t forget about the primaries! Polls open March 4th at 6:30 am and close at 7:30 PM. Franklin County voters can find their polling locations by entering their address online. Delaware County voters who know their precinct number can find their polling location here.


Join us for this important event!



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Take a Test Drive!

Posted on Monday 22 October 2007

Dear library customers, Encore is Here! On our front page you will notice the New Generation library catalog that we are presenting for your use and your comments. While there are many new advancements that will be added gradually to the new catalog, we decided to have a soft rollout of the product in order to get your comments and suggestions.

The New Catalog provides many new enhancements to reduce the librarian in all of us and allow our customers to locate materials in much the same way as you search the Internet using Google. It has all the functionality of our traditional catalog along with the usability of the internet search engines. You no longer need to worry about author, title or subject searches; The catalog understands what you want. There’s no need to worry about spelling, the catalog will prompt you with the correct spelling. Not sure how to refine your search? not a problem, the catalog has a relationship database that will refine the search for you automatically.

There are over 50 refinements to our traditional catalog and many more to come! So take a test drive and let us know what you think!


Don W. Barlow

Executive Director

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Security Cameras Installed

Posted on Thursday 20 September 2007

Security Cameras have been installed throughout the library for the safety of our customers and library materials. Numerous cameras, some visible, some not so visible, were installed on September 19th. The new security cameras will enhance the library’s safe environment and protect the library’s collection from damage and theft.

The new system will provide continuous 24/7 coverage for the library facility, maintaining a 3 week record for each camera location. In addition, to enhancing library security, the cameras will also be used to identify the theft of library materials and assist in the prosecution of those stealing public property, according to Don W. Barlow, Executive Director.

Those taking library materials illegally, either as a prank or for profit, should consider the consequences. Taking materials, valued over $250 is a felony and punishable by heavy fines and possible imprisonment. In a recent case with the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, a lady was sentenced to six years in prison and ordered to pay full restitution to the library. A heavy penalty for stealing items that could simply be borrowed for free.

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Posted on Wednesday 8 August 2007

Thank you, Westerville! It’s a Landslide!

Everyone associated with the library is humbled by yesterday’s election results. Everyday we strive to provide the very best services we can to an outstanding community. Today’s results re-affirm the community’s appreciation for what we do and the trust you have in us.

Your trust is something we take very seriously and is why we remain one of the most cost efficient libraries, not only in Ohio, but nationwide. We live in a great community and the Westerville Public Library is just one of our great community assets. Along with our city government and our great schools, Westerville is indeed one of the great communities in which to live and work.

Make no mistake about it, that is because of you, the average citizen that understands the importance of community and the importance of investing in our future. We deeply appreciate your continuing support and fully understand our responsibility to you, the taxpayer.

For the past 75 years, we have pledged to provide the very best services possible in the most cost effective manner possible. Your vote today, re-affirms our commitment to continue that great tradition. All of us are humbled by your support and pledge our continuing commitment to you.

Thank you so very very much!!!!

Don W. Barlow

Executive Director

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Gaming in Our Library?

Posted on Wednesday 14 March 2007

Why gaming in public libraries? Isn’t that just entertainment? No, gaming has tremendous potential for libraries to reach out to new users, offer new services, and help complement efforts in community building, information literacy, and other areas. Public libraries today are much more than just a warehouse for books providing study areas.

Our public library also serves as a community center, a gathering place for citizens and as an information hub for the community. Libraries have long served the role of providing a safe and clean environment for people of all ages and particularly for our youth after school.

Gaming in libraries provide an activity that draws youth to the library. What better place for your teen to spend time. Did you know that the fastest growing customer base for our library is teens? Did you know, after introducing gaming at the library, circulation has increased by over 22%? Yes, it is true, once teens come to library because of gaming, they also find time to study, to check out books. Most importantly, they also find time to learn. They learn about infomation technology, they develop research skills that will serve their life-long learning neads.

And yes, they learn how important public libraries are in their daily lives. Gaming in libraries? You Bet! with an investment of about $900, (less than 1 tenth of 1% of budget) we have over 3,000 new young adult library users.

That’s a great return on investment!

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