We Need your Support November 8th!

Posted on Monday 10 October 2011

This November 8th is a critical election for the future of the Westerville Public Library!  The 42% reduction in State Funding has had a significant impact on your library.  Since 2007, the library has reduced staff, implemented a salary freeze in 2010, closed on Sundays, drastically reduced our materials budget, and made many other significant reductions in the budget that are not always noticeable to the public.  Without the successful passage of Issue 19, the library would lose 100% of its local funding, which is already the lowest in Franklin County.  In fact, the library would still be the third lowest locally funded in Franklin County even with the successful passage of Issue 19.

I think most of you would agree that the Westerville Public Library is an exceptional library and one of the assets that make Westerville an exceptional place to live and work.  We have done our part in making the Westerville Public Library one of the most cost efficient libraries in Ohio and indeed the nation.  We have been nationally recognized as such!  We have worked very hard to make the necessary reductions while minimizing the impact on the public.

However, we can simply not absorb the loss of our local funding without making draconian cuts in staffing, hours of operation, programs, materials and services that our community needs and expects.  Please help us by supporting Issue 19.  Place a yard sign in your yard to show support, talk to your neighbors about the importance of maintaining a strong library in Westerville.  Most importantly, please vote YES on November 8th. You and our community deserve a quality library!

Thank you for your Consideration and Support!

Don W. Barlow


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